This Autumn Precious Parenting and PreciousLittleOne have teamed up with Britax to give away the award winning  Britax DualFix Car Seat worth £320!

The amazing DUALFIX combines eye-catching design with state-of-the-art safety technology. Its 360-degree rotation means parents can choose when to switch their child from rearward to forward facing. Its host of safety features ensure a safe journey from newborn to four years.


How to Enter

You can enter by:

  • Leaving a comment on our blog and state ‘Why you would love to win the Britax DualFix Car Seat’
  • Tweet about the giveaway
  • Visit our Facebook page

and your entry can be recorded up to three times!

For your chance to win you must sign in and use the handy raffle widget below.


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How the Winner will be picked

The lucky winner will be chosen at random and be alerted by the PreciousLittleOne team via email on the 25th November 2016.

Good luck and keep your eyes peeled for regular blog updates around the themes of safety, budgeting, practical planning and more!


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About the author: Olivia

Olivia is 29 years old and a proud mum of 2 year old twin boys, Liam and Eli. She lives with her fiance, Ben, in Clapham. She works part time as a dental assistant, while Ben is a Software Developer. Living in London can be tough sometimes with 2 very active boys but with a bit of planning and budgeting, it's amazing how much you can do!

427 thoughts on “WIN a Britax DualFix Car Seat worth £320!

  1. Would love to have a car seat like this. The safety aspects are great but brilliant that you can turns & makes it much easier to get baby in & out if the car.

  2. I’d love to win this seat as we have one for our first girl and it’s the best seat we’ve ever had. Our second girl is moving out of her infant seat soon and this seat is our choice for her next seat.

  3. I would love this I get my very first car in two weeks this would be a bonus for me and for my 8month old son Dexter. ??

  4. I child mind my baby niece so it would be great to have a car seat I could keep here rather than my sister having to take hers out of the car to leave here! I no longer have the first carseats from my children.

  5. I would like to win this quality Car Seat for little one. In order that I can provide Comfort and Safety when we travel by car.

  6. I would like to win as my Daughter has this seat in her car and we really like it and would like to have one for our car

  7. my little girl is ready to move to a stage 1 seat, we only have a forward facing seat and would love to be able to get her one that can be both as she grows

  8. I would love to win this, having just given birth to my son it would be great to know his car seat is as safe as possible.

  9. I would like to win this prize for my brother as he currently has a small child and this would make his month if I was able to give this to him. Britax is probably the leading brand in car seats with their safety second to none.

  10. We are grand parents for the first time and would love a quality seat for our car so we can take the little darling out for the day

  11. Wow! Would love to win this for my brother as he and his wife had their first child recently (I am proud aunt to baby Jessica )

  12. We have isofix in our car but have never been able to afford the fancier car seats to use it with – I’d love this seat for my daughter!

  13. My parents used a Britax car seat for me over 40 years ago and I think it is still the leading brand in SAFETY for our precious little passengers.

  14. Such a wonderful
    Prize I’m due my first baby girl on February 2nd and I’m keeping my toes and fingers crossed as I still have to buy a car seat so this would be a wonderful help 🙂

  15. Would love to win this. My 7 month old daughter has just about outgrown her baby car seat so we need a new one… especially as I’m expecting baby #2 the swivel seat would really save my back when my bump gets bigger!!

  16. I’d love to win this car seat because I think the fact that it has got installation indicators to let you know if you’ve installed the seat correctly is a fantastic idea ! Usually I always worry if I’ve put the car seat in correctly! Also I think that they’ve really thought about comfort for the child in this car seat with padded belly pad etc .

  17. Post a comment letting us know why you’d like to WIN a Britax DualFix Car Seat worth £320! . . .
    l have 2 grandsons and this will come in very handy on our days out

  18. Our first grandchild is due next year. It is less hassle for us to have a seat for our car, instead of using my daughters and having to put it in and out all the time. We only have a 2 door car, so it’s more awkward, especially as we are child minding when my daughter goes back to work

  19. I would love to win this carseat as my little boy has outgrown his 1st one (he’s 7 months) and so we need one that will last him until he’s 4. I have been looking at the 360′ car seats as they are so good but cannot afford one. Me & my son would love to win <3

  20. This would be perfect for my little one as all we have is a hand-me-down one from my sister. When it comes to my baby, safety is number 1, so this would be perfect

  21. My little girl is nearly 9 months old and will soon need the next stage rear facing seat. As she’s the most precious of all jewels safety comes first

  22. I would love each to win this car seat because I have to drive a lot and would really appreciate the safety and comfort that the Britax seats provide for my little girl.

  23. Would love this for our second daughter due in March, our daughter is almost 3 and growing out of everything so we’re having to prioritise her currently before we buy things for baba..this would be a weight off my shoulders 😀

  24. This would be an amazing prize for me, I have a wonderful brood of Grandchildren that is growing! It would make my life so much easier to have a good, reliable car seat permanently in my car.

  25. My Precious Little One is the most import cargo I’m ever likely to carry in my entire life and apart from carrying him for 9 months…5days (in my case) there’s never better protection I’d rather entrust his safety to than sitting in a Britax car seat. x

  26. Would love to win this….it means the grandparents can have one in their car as it’s a lot of messing about keep having to take them out of our car and swapping them so would be fabulous =) (shared on Facebook & comment left)

  27. I would love to win for my little boy as he is getting big and I’ve seen many great reviews on this seat along with the safety aspects!

  28. For my friends little girl as her mum had just passed her test and I don’t drive and would like a few lifts. So I ‘d like to win as to use as a bribe!

  29. Would love to win one for our baby due 26th Jan 2017, a car seat is the last thing left to buy on our list and this one would be ideal from birth to 4 years and it being isofix and the fact it’s rotates to make thing a lot easier to get your baby out, extended rear facing to forward facing when they’re at the correct age and weight makes me want this even more! ..The perfect and idea car seat everyone wants.

  30. I would love this we have a long car journey coming up and my 5 month old looks squished and uncomfortable in his current car seat.

  31. Would love to win this. The swivel feature is important to us as I have back problems and this will really help me to get baby in and out of the car. I cannot lift a full seat with a handle in and out of the car and so the fact that this is designed not to be removed is ideal!

  32. I’m currently pregnant with baby number 1 and this would be such a great help if we did win this! It’s also a nice looki car seat!

  33. would love to win this seat for our little boy who is due in 5 weeks! We have got an old travel system from a family member, but we haven’t got a isofix base for it, and can’t find one anywhere as they don’t make them anymore!

  34. We are currently going through IVF, have 4 frosties so pray one gives us a long awaited family. Car seat would be amazing as we have already spent a small fortune

  35. This would make my life so much easier with two children & a three door car ! Plus iv never won anything so would be a lovely first 🙂

  36. Would love to win for my little girl for when she eventually grows out of her travel system car seat. She’s only 18 days old at the moment!

  37. I would love to win this for my baby girl. She is 5mths old and is big for her age, she’s is constantly growing which seems like every second! She has out grown her other card seat and this one seems perfect as it looks really comfy and I know she’d love it ? thanks so much for this opportunity x

  38. Aggghhhhh id love one of these for my chunky monkey 15 week old (over a stone in weight) ?? Ideal for stopping the strain on your back and shoulders hoisting him into the mommy mobile ❤️

  39. Safe, stylish and spins: just three reasons why I would adore to win the sleek, strong and secure britax dualfix car seat. My precious little bundle would get to ride like a prince in the seat and always be comfy with it’s array of reclines whilst I’d be reassured he was safe and secure with its ability to rear face for longer. Being able to get him in and out of the seat hassle free with its 360 spin capability is a bonus and will be super handy when other cars park really close and leave you contorting your body to try and squeeze your little monkey in their seat. My son and I would be proud to use the britax dualfix and will keep our fingers crossed with Thai fabulous competition x

  40. Would love to win this as I have a 2 door Corsa & getting my baby boy in & out his car seat is a nightmare & I can’t afford to upgrade my car! #manybumpedheads

  41. I’d love to win one of these for my little girl, as I’ve been hunting for a new car seat for her for months with no luck, and she’s almost to big for her 1st baby car seat!

  42. I would love to win this for my baby Finley. It’s such a fab car seat and safety is number one for me when it comes to car seats

  43. We have this model for our eldest, so know first hand how fab this is for extended rear facing and functionality. Would love to win one for my youngest child.

  44. We would love a car seat for our LO. She is about to grow out of her car seat and with Xmas coming up it would be a great financial weight off our shoulders. Plus with the 360 turning, putting LO in with ease will reduce the distance I have to run after her 2year old sister ;).

  45. My husband wouldnt let me buy a car seat that spins round…. He didn’t seem to understand how amazing they are ! I’d love to win this so I can show him! Plus it would be very handy for when number 2 bump gets bigger to make it easier to get number 1 in the car seat 🙂 The Britax dualfix looks perfect

  46. My little one is only 3montgs but is getting really long for his car seat stage 0 but isn’t big enough to go into the next size we have (forward facing) so this is a great opportunity to get him a safe car seat that will keep him rear facing, also being able to turn the seat to get him out will be really handy and quick

  47. I love the look of this seat. Very upto date and appears to be a vey safe. It would be perfect for no 3 due next year. Our last infant seat was bought over 5 years ago so needs to be replaced.

  48. I would love to win this to gift to a family member. As we all know buying things for baby is incredibly difficult and costs can easily spiral. Luckily the whole family has been able to use the budgeting section on Precious Little One when buying things for baby. The Britax DualFix is one of the best and safest on the market, and after losing my own baby at the early stages of pregnancy I can certainly appreciate the need to want to keep your precious little one safe at all times and give them the whole world.

  49. I would love to win this for my little girl. We only have an infant car seat at the minute and will be looking for an upgrade! It is hard though as the really good ones seem like quite an expense. It is worth it for them to be safe though!

  50. I’d love to win this fab car seat
    For our precious bundle. Love th 360 degree rotation, this will make such a difference to mums like me with spinal problems, will reduce the strain particularly as baby gets older and heavier.

  51. I would love to win this seat. We don’t own a car, and our little girls grandparents would love to take us all out together as a family.

  52. Brilliant giveaway, just what my daughter needs for my gorgeous 7th month old granddaughter due to move into a bigger car seat soon. I used britax baby products for her and still feel they are the best products around

  53. I’d love to win this seat as we have actually been researching extended rear facing seats and this is one of our favourites. We are currently 20 weeks pregnant and expecting a little girl. We think a seat like this is much more cost effective in the long run as well as the extra safety ERF brings, however due to the higher initial cost we are going to have to wait until closer to due date to make the purchase.

  54. We’d love a new rear facing swivel seat to be able to know our LO is as safe as possible when travelling with grandparents!

  55. My rainbow boy would be so safe and secure in this. It would be peace of mind for us while driving. He’s so precious. I would do anything for him x

  56. I have baby number 3 due after Christmas so this would just be perfect as we also need to replace our other 2 children’s’ car seats so it will be an expensive time! Thank you for the chance 🙂

  57. I would love to win! This looks so comfy, & so much easier to fit than a standard car seat.
    I’d love my preemie to travel in style & comfort x

  58. Would love to win for my grandson who is two days old, so my step son and daughter in law don’t have to keep changing the car seat over to different cars.

  59. I’d love to win this for my son who needs the next stage cat seat!! It’s getting a little cramped in his current one. Love PLO, always gives brilliant customer care!

  60. I would love to win this for my daughter Niamh. The safety of our children in our cars is so important and this seat would mean she can be as safe as possible both in our car and when in her grandparents car as well.

    When I read comments from parents who complain about the price, yes they may seem expensive but to me you cannot put a price on the safety of your children & they will use them for 4 years x

  61. I love the safety aspects of this seat and love the rotating feature, makes things so much easier and flexible.
    It would be amazing to win this on the 25th November as that will be a year to the date since I found out I was having my little one.

  62. I’d love to win this for my daughter, this would be great as I wouldn’t feel as though am hurting her trying to get her out of her seat and also it looks super comfy xxx

  63. I’d love to win this car seat. My daughter is outgrowing her first car seat and this one is just amazing. Im sick of struggling when I can’t get a mother and child to get her in and out of the car. This would make like so much easier. Also my daughter gets to travel in comfort and style.

  64. Would love to win this as we are expecting our second baby next Spring, he or she would be so very lucky to travel in style in this car seat.

  65. I would like to win because child safety is so important that only reputable brands can be considered. Britax promises and achieves that safety

  66. I would love to win this. Due my second in December and with my 1st did not fully understand how important rear facing was. Plus the swivel function is amazing I was forever hitting babies head getting into the car seat, so would save all the little bumps and my poor back.

  67. I’d love to win this for my niece Poppy as she needs a new car seat and I know this is one of the models my sister has been looking in to 🙂

  68. I would love to win so that my 4 month old granddaughter has a rear facing seat to keep her travelling safely when she outgrows her current infant carrier.

  69. Would love to win this as our nine month old is getting too big for his car seat and as yet we haven’t bought a new one for him. This one looks ace, but is out of our price range, so to win it would be amazing. Safety is everything.

  70. I would really love to win the Britax DualFix car seat as it would be a fantastic surprise for my friend who is due to have her baby in the New Year.

  71. We bought this car seat from you for our son last yearly and now our daughter is close to needing a bigger car seat and we would love another as they’re so amazing!

  72. A really lovely prize that incorporates safety and comfort, a real luxury car seat that my baby would be thrilled to play peek a boo with car passengers in!!!

  73. Having a small car and baby getting bigger being able to access easily from the side putting baby in and out would be a godsend.

  74. Would love to win this as my little girl is always crying in her current seat and I think she’d be much better in this! Plus it would definitely help save my back gettingbher in and out!!! Thanks

  75. Would love to win for my daughter who is almost outgrown her baby car seat. I’d be accused she is fully safe in this car seat

  76. Would love to win for my daughter who is almost outgrown her baby car seat. I’d be reassured she is fully safe in this car seat

  77. I would love to win this as always wanted it but a bit too pricey, parents in law are nasty people that refuse to buy a suitable car seat, demand me to install our belted car seat in their car whenever they have their grandchild, so winning this would be a great help!! 😀

  78. I would love to win this britax car seat as my baby boy is needing to go up to the next stage and I feel that rear facing for longer is essential and this car seat would allow him to rear face and keep him safer for longer!

  79. Would love this for my 2 Granddaughter’s, as babysit while their Mum’s work. This would be brilliant as we could stop having to remove their carseats every time I want to go out.

  80. I would love to win for my son Max, it looks like a great car seat and would give me peace of mind that he will be safe and secure

  81. I would love to win so my little girl can have a new seat rather than her brothers old one! She doesn’t have long left in her infant seat and I have heard really good things about the dual fix.

  82. I would love to win some our second baby is due in December and I’ve had hyperemesis which means I haven’t been able shop for everything I need!

  83. basically our car seat is now so tired and threadbear after 2 kids that our third, a little girl, would love to be pampered for a change!!!

  84. I would be delighted to win this fantastic car seat for our first grandchild due in April! Thanks for the opportunity.

  85. would LOVE to win this car seat for my son Ziggy because it looks perfect… I can’t see any fault aside from being complete cosy 🙂

  86. We have a new baby daughter and this looks fantastic, our current one is only up to 9 months so will be needing a new one before we knnow it

  87. I’d love to win this for my youngest as the poor baby gets lots of hand me downs! I also love the idea of being able to keep rear facing a bit longer!

  88. My little princess is getting bigger now and will need a new car seat. This beauty would be perfect for her and would give me peace of mind as we travel about in the car

  89. We are just looking at a new car seat for our princess ?? who will be 9mths old on 25th. This would be fabulous! Great giveaway, fingers crossed xxx

  90. I love this car seat! It looks so safe yet really stylish and modern. It would keep my little girl safe while we’re out and about 🙂

  91. Britax make fantastic car seats, so that’s why we would love to win. We’re currently looking for a new seat for my 4 month old, so this would be perfect! ?

  92. We are currently looking for a new car seat for our baby son and this would be ideal! I love how innovative the design of the seat is, both in it’s functionality and how it looks! Perfect!

  93. I would love to win this! My little boy currently uses a maxi cosi pebble but he’s so heavy I struggle to carry him! I also love that this is rearward facing and he can sit up a little more and looks comfier 🙂

    Thanks for the chance 🙂 x

  94. I would love to win this superb car seat to give to my son to keep my new grandson safe who is expected to arrive in February!

  95. Great chance to be an owner of these great new seats that keep our little ones safer. Have read up lots on these new seats and they sound so much safer ? Would love one

  96. I’d love to win this for my little girl she is 10 months and growing fast have no idea where the last 10 months have gone! Knowing that she is traveling safely and in comfort as my family live 200 miles away will make the 3hr journey a lot less stressful

  97. I’d like to win this as it’s very important to me to be able to protect my son in the best way that I can, I think this car seat will help me to do that.

  98. We would love one of these as my little monkey ? has started to outgrow her current car seat at 8 months! Being able to keep her safe by travelling rearwards for longer would be fab! Thanks!

  99. After lots of research and trying a few different seats this is one of the few that will fit our car. We can’t afford to pay this much and our daughter is nearly outgrown her infant carrier

  100. With state of the art safety technology, this is one of the best seats around. My grandchild is due in early 2017 and his/her mummy and daddy haven’t decided on a car seat yet, I would love to resolve their problem and win them the best around.

  101. id love to win this as our granddaughter often comes to stay with us, this could be put in granddads car so as mummy dont have to worry about transferring the seat from her car over all the time

  102. I would love this for my little girl. She is in a forward facing seat at 2 years old which I’m not that happy about. I bought her car seat when I was expecting her and then everything changed and I didn’t have the money to get another car seat and I didn’t want to waste the one I bought. It was the same style all my other children had too. Luckily most our travel is low speed town driving.

  103. We bought this car seat 3 years ago for my eldest daughter and it’s fab! We now need to buy a new seat for my 10 month old as he’s outgrown his baby seat and it would be great to have another the same 🙂

  104. I’d absolutely love to win this chair, I currently have two little boys. A 2 year old in a front racing chair (that we will be replacing as soon as we can afford a rear facing seat) and a 7 month old in his carseat. We have another baby due in a few months, at which point, she’ll be using the youngest a carseat and the current youngest will move into a rear facing bigger seat like this Britax one. This baby was a complete surprise, and finding it very quite difficult to afford these things. To win one of these beauties would take the strain off of us in the lead up to meeting our new little one ?

  105. i would love this for my youngest daughter to keep her safe and secure in a fab seat and to know she is protected when we are out driving

  106. I would love to win a new car seat for our son, our current seat is 9 years old now and although fantastic safety measures and design are improving all the time and I love the opportunity to have a more current seat which looks good too which is a bonus!

  107. I would love to win this for my 15 month old, it’s getting challenging getting her in her current car seat. This would make life a lot easier!

  108. I’d love this for my new grandchild due in may. It sounds a fab car seat with everything in place to keep our precious ones safe and secure

  109. Would absolutely love to win this as we are strong believers in extended rear facing and with another little one on the way a new car seat would help us out so much!

  110. Love the fact that I would be able to rear face for alot longer! Not everyone can afford car seats like this, so would love to be able to have one! Fantastic prize! Fingers and toes crossed!!

  111. my little baby boy would love this as so would his mummy as i think the rotating mechanism makes it easier for us to place him in and out

  112. I would absolutely love this prize for my son as he’s always sleeping in the car and our current car seat is no where near easy enough to get him out of while he’s still asleep. I’ve always wanted this car seat but it’s way out of our budget. This would get so much use from us! Fingers and toes crossed!

  113. I’d love to win this car seat for the safety features and durability. I am going to have a new grandchild in the next few months and I wish for the safe and security of any car journey that I make with a peace of mind that I have with him/her in this car seat.

  114. I would love to win the Britax Dualfix car seat as my daughter is shortly going to outgrow her current car seat and this car seat look looks so safe and handy with the 360• pivot!

  115. I would love to win for my sister in law who is pregnant with her first and a good car seat , in my mind , is extrememley important .x

  116. This would be perfect for my little Sofia who’s 8 weeks old, I think they look fab and the fact they are easier to get in and out is awesome 🙂 I have heard very good reviews, they are very safe comfy and roomy perfect!!

  117. I would love to win this to put in our new car! Got to be one of the best car seats currently on the market and I want to keep my little girl rear-facing for as long as possible! Fingers crossed ??

  118. We would love to win one. We have twin girls and are unable to afford two decent car seats. This would mean alot to win and we would be able offer them both something we just couldnt buy.

  119. We have planned a few road trips over the festive season. Would be great for our son to not only travel safely, but in style too!

  120. I’d love to win this car seat as I suffer with anxiety and depression so I will find it difficult to trust having my baby in a car (due in May 2017). This car seat will help me feel safer about the baby’s safety and hopefully we can go out on lovely day trips together.

  121. It looks fantastic and I trust the brand for safety etc, it would be ideal for my newly born Grandson, my daughter would be thrilled with it x

  122. I’d love to win because I’m due my second child, a baby girl in Feb and this car seat is actually on our to buy list! It sounds amazing and would be such a big help if we won cause it feels like the baby list is never ending! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  123. Love to win for my rainbow baby boy due in February, it would be so amazing as I wouldn’t need to worry about getting the car seat. It’s already an expensive time, with Christmas then baby’s due date, then my daughter and partners birthdays a month later, so winning this would really help save some pennies for something else. Fingers crossed xxx

  124. This would be an amazing prize to win for my soon to arrive little girl. It would give me peace of mind to know that she was safe and secure when travelling. Britax is the best by far!

  125. With six grandchildren in three years, this grandma needs at least one safety seat…..please. Britax are reknowned for safety.

  126. It would be amazing to win one of these as my wee boy is outgrowing his baby seats and this would be a perfect seat for him. Fingers crossed!

  127. Yes please! My son is only seven weeks and already costing us an absolute fortune! He is completely worth the cost, just means I have to cut down on what I spend on my wardrobe and it’s not like I’m going out anywhere soon! Would love to have the next big expenditure covered, especially when it’s this great!

  128. Would love to win this for my sister who’s just had a little boy after being told she was told she could not have children and went through a very tough pregnancy with quite a few scares. would be perfect to keep my new miracle nephew safe when out and about.

  129. This would be absolutely perfect for a new and upcoming family member who is going to be born really soon and we can’t wait to meet her!

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