Car seat can be defined into specific weight groups. These weight groups are defined by the United Nations safety regulations and in the UK cover children from birth to 12 years of age. The basic weight groups are: group 0 & 0+, group 1, group 1-2-3 and group 3.

There are few things better than going on little adventures in the car with your new bundle of joy. Whether you’re visiting granny and grandad, or nipping down the shops, it’s important your little one is safe and comfortable throughout the journey. Our collection of car seats have been specially selected with safety in mind, as well as functionality and – of course – style.


What is a Group 0 & 0+ car seat?

There are two EU car seat safety standards in place: the ECE R44, which relates to weight, and the newer R129 (or i-Size), which relates to height.

The ECE R44 categorises car seats by the weight of baby, toddler or child they’re suitable for. Group 0 is for babies who weigh anything from 0 to 10kg – which is around birth to approximately 15 months. Group 0 car seats must also use a rear-facing carrier with a harness or be a lateral car seat (i.e. lying down).

i-Size legislation sits alongside existing car safety standards and was introduced by the UN in 2013. The aim of the legislation is to make it easier to pick an appropriate car seat for your child.


How can I fit a car seat for my baby?

Traditionally, car seats were attached to the car by using the seatbelt to hold them in place. However, the ISOFIX is the new kid on the block when it comes to safely and effectively fitting a car seat to your vehicle. An ISOFIX base fits to the actual frame of your car, which makes it not only more secure, but also far easier to adjust or remove. We recommend getting a professional to fit your ISOFIX base.

Many ISOFIX bases have a helpful colour display to let you know for certain the seat is correctly attached before you set off. Just make sure your car is compatible with this type of base – check your user manual or give your car manufacturer a call.


Are there any car seat laws I should know about?

Yes – all children up to the age of 12 years old or 135cm tall must travel in a properly fitted car seat. For children up to 3 years old, they must be strapped in with either a harness or impact shield. If your child is in a rear-facing car seat, they cannot sit in the front passenger seat if you have an active airbag. Only children over 3 years old can use an adult seat belt in the case of a necessary and unexpected car journey over a short distance.


What other car seat features should I consider?

As well as safety, your baby’s comfort is another important factor to think about. Plenty of padding and decent ventilation will keep your little one smiling wherever you go.

Remember: you’ll be lugging this car seat around a lot, so consider weight too. For hygiene, opt for a model with removable, machine washable covers.



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