We all know that baby products can come in a crazy array of colours and patterns, but did you also know that certain designs can stimulate your baby or even help them rest?

Fascinatingly, studies have found that patterns with high contrast shapes and patterns give babies something simple and eye-catching to focus on, which in turn allows them to get lost in concentration and lets their mind rest. The type of designs babies prefer depends on their age. For examples, the same study found that newborns prefer black and white geometric shapes, since there is higher contrast and it is therefore easier to focus on.

As babies get a little older, and their understanding of the world around them develops, you’ll probably find they enjoy patterns with simple pictures in them which they can understand – like images of animals.

We’ve rounded up some of the craziest designs for baby products which we think you and your baby will love.


1. The entire Cosatto range

The Cosatto range is alive with thrilling colours and attention-grabbing designs. From the black, white and reds of the Mister Fox pattern, to the colourful geometric delights of their Pixelate design, Cosatto’s baby products also have fun names like GiggleYo, Ooba and Wow.

2. Mamas & Papas letters

Chances are your baby probably won’t be spelling for a while, but that doesn’t mean you can’t surround them with the shapes of letters which will one day be very familiar to them. Pick your baby’s initials, choose from a range of fabrics, and pop on the wall in your nursery for a really quirky piece of decor.

3. Grobag sleeping bags

In case you haven’t seen one of these adorable sleeping bags before, we’d recommend you check out the whole range. Available in a selection of imaginative patterns, with cute applique and embroidery, we particularly love the folk farm version.

4. Disney Baby Einstein Crib Sea Dream Soother

It doesn’t get much more crazy than the design of this quirky sleep aid. Designed to clip onto the side of your little one’s cot, it emits a soothing underwater light effect and music.

5. Caboodle gym bag

This gym bag has all the space and compartments a busy mum needs, with a black and white pattern to keep the baby transfixed. That’s what we call a win-win.

6. Cath Kidston everything

We couldn’t possibly talk about design without mentioning the queen of pattern. Check out these adorable fabric cubes which come with their own monster designs – perfect for your little monster!

7. Hippychick Child Hipseat

Got a little one that loves to be carried around? The clever folks at Hippychick have created a product to minimise back pain from carrying your child. Simply clip it around your waist, grab your little one and you’re off!

8. Kiddimoto Helmets

We all know that getting your child to wear a helmet can often be a struggle. But what about a helmet covered in skull and crossbones, cherries or stars? Keep them safe with a brightly patterned helmet they’ll love to wear.

9. Piccalilly Bed Sheets

We’re big fans of Piccalilly bed sheets, which come in a range of playful patterns. Whether your baby loves dogs, ducks, trains or spaceships, there’s a pattern guaranteed to bring a smile to their face.

10. Weegoamigo Muslin Wraps

And finally, add a splash of colour to any nursery with the quirky designs on Weegoamigo’s muslin wraps. From all the fun of the circus to a peaceful woodland, there’s plenty to keep little eyes entertained.



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