Is there really anything better than cosying up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate, a bowl of popcorn and a great family movie during the Christmas holidays? With the sun going down so early, it’s the perfect way to unwind at the end of the day!


Netflix and Amazon have a pretty solid list of Christmas films, suitable for the whole family that you can enjoy year after year. From the classics of our own childhoods, to new interpretations and takes on the what the festive season means to people around the world. Pop the kettle on, round up the kids and ready the remote – here are our Top 10 Family Christmas Movies (child-friendly) on Netflix and Amazon this year!




Happy Holidays from Madagascar

The animals of Madagascar are always a big hit with the family – the animals delight the wee ones and the humour is suitable for kids (and parents) of all ages! Follow these lovable characters on their various Christmas adventures!



Home Alone

No Christmas movie marathon could be complete without at least one of the Home Alone classics! When the adorable and clever Kevin McCallister gets accidentally left behind when his family fly away for a Christmas vacation, Kevin must protect his home from burglars – using all and whatever means necessary! An absolute must for the Christmas season.


The Legend of Frosty the Snowman

An update on a festive favourite! When the mayor of Evergreen claims that magic doesn’t exist, Frosty comes to town to show the local children that that is simply not the case!


Arthur Christmas

In this animated movie, Arthur, Santa’s clumsy son, is entrusted to an important mission to deliver a forgotten present to a little girl in only a matter of hours.


Jingle All the Way

When a father leaves buying the season’s biggest toy til Christmas Eve, he ends up having to deal with a whole lot more than long lines to get it!


Amazon Prime



A Frozen Christmas

Hang out with Santa and the rest of the gang at the North Pole! Includes a variety of Christmas stories and feel good tales!


If you Give A Mouse a Cookie

An Amazon original, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is all about holiday time in the mouse’s house! Including Christmas cookies, pageants, carolling and more!


Christmas Cartoon Classics

14 festive classics of yesteryear are included in this ensemble. From Rudolph to Frosty and more!



12 Dogs of Christmas 2

When the puppy orphanage is threatened to be shut down by a mean, Scrooge-like fellow, young Emily and her puppy friends must come together to save their home in time for Christmas by putting together a holiday musical show!


The Christmas Elves

Based on the holiday classic, the Shoemaker and the Elves, a group of elves who want to help Santa get up to all sorts of elvish shenanigans!


Do you have any Kids’ Christmas movie classics? While not all are available on Netflix or Amazon, this list will at the very least get you in the festive spirit. Let us know what you think!


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