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Travel Safety

If you’re hitting the road with your little one or heading off on holiday, keeping your child safe is probably at the forefront of your mind. Make sure journeys are fun and enjoyable with our handy guide to travel safety essentials.


What are the car safety must-haves?

First up, a good car seat is essential. Car seats are split into different group categories, depending on your child’s age and weight. There are also car seat laws you need to familiarise yourself with, to make sure you’re travelling legally with your little one. The Cosatto Hug Group 123 ISOFIX Anti-Escape Car Seat is an award-winning option, if you’re looking for a good car seat for your 9-month-old or over. You can read more about the safest car seats on the market in our blog post.

Other car safety items include a Dreambaby Deluxe Baby View Mirror, which means you can keep an eye on whatever your little one is up to in the back seat. A clip-on sun shade for the car window is also perfect for keeping your child cool and keeping the sun out of their eyes.

A baby on board sign can alert other drivers you have a little one in the car with you – and hopefully inspire a little patience from them!


What about other types of travel?

If you and your child are on foot, a harness will make sure your little one always stays close. If they’re a little older, use a wrist link to stop curious kids from wandering off.

On a hot day, it’s essential you keep your little one cool when on the move. This Dreambaby Stroller Fan is ideal for clipping on to a pushchair to give your baby a gentle breeze. Remember, putting a muslin cloth or towel over a pram to keep your baby in the shade can actually cause them to dangerously overheat. Instead, a clip-on parasol, like this one from Quinny, is far safer for keeping the sun out of your little one’s eyes.

Bigger kids simply love to get around on two wheels. So whether they’re on a scooter or a bike, make sure they’re kitted out head to toe in protective gloves and a hardy helmet. Remember to get a light for their scooter or bike too, so they stand out on gloomy mornings.


Anything else I should consider?

Equipping your child with their very own cute little backpack will make them feel like they are part of the great expedition! If you’re heading on a long journey where they’re likely to get restless, pack their bag with colouring supplies, fruit and some of their favourite toys. It’ll stop them from getting into all kinds of mischief! We reckon the Goldbug Butterfly Backpack is particularly adorable.

Travelling with your little one should be a fun adventure. With the right equipment, you and your little intrepid explorer will have the best time!



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