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Home Safety

Keeping your child safe and healthy at home is a top priority for all parents. Home should be a place where you and your little one can relax, without the constant worry of any potential injuries or accidents.

However, accidents in the home are sadly all too common. In fact, more accidents happen in the home than anywhere else. Which is why taking precautions and extra steps to make sure your home is a safe place for your little one is incredibly important.


What safety risks are there at home?

Curious minds and inquisitive little fingers will find their way into any tempting drawer, cupboard or awkward space. Statistics show that most accidents happen in the living room – more so than any other room in the home. However, the most serious types of accidents happen in the kitchen or on the stairs, so it’s vital to safety-proof every corner of your house.

The most common types of accidents involve falls, burns, cuts, poisoning, strangulation, and drowning. It’s a difficult reality to face, but remember – with vigilance and the right safety measures, you can keep your baby or child safe and enjoy creating happy memories together in the comfort of your home.


How can I keep my baby safe at home?

A good way to identify any health and safety risks is to physically get on your hands and knees and crawl around. You might be surprised at how many potential risks you encounter or how many dangerous items you can actually reach from the floor. Look for sharp edges, protruding corners, plug sockets and cables. Make a checklist of exactly what you need to fix, and address any issues as soon as possible.

The other golden rule of home safety is never leaving your child unattended. If you do have to focus on something else for a short period, a playpen is a fantastic investment for keeping your little one contained and well out of harm’s way.


What are the best home safety products?

If you’re looking to safety-proof your home, the best place to start is with a safety gate. Choose from either a wall fix gate, like this one by Safety 1st, or a pressure fix gate like the Hauck Squeeze Handle Metal Pressure Fix Safety Gate.

Falls don’t just occur on the stairs, children can fall out of bed too, so a bed rail is another excellent investment. The Jane Foldable Bed Rail has an adorable mountain scene on it, so your little one shouldn’t put up too much of a fight at bedtime!

Cleaning products and medicines pose a poisoning risk to children, so keep them high up and locked away. You can stop little hands from pulling open cupboards, with some handy drawer locks. Keep curious fingers out of plug sockets with these socket covers, and remember to pick up some corner cushions too, for any unexpected falls.

As mentioned, a playpen is an essential tool for keeping your little one contained while you have other things to take care of. We love the Hauck Baby Park Playpen because it’s so flexible. Use it as a playpen or open it out to use as a fireguard or room separator.

Keeping your child safe around the home couldn’t be simpler, with our vast selection of child safety products.



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