Ever since mums and dads started blogging about parenting, the internet has been awash with advice, ideas and discussions of how best to deal with tantrums, easy meals that your kids will actually eat and so much more. When we launched our site, we wanted not to compete with these great resources but celebrate the great work and knowledge that is out there and help in sharing it further. 



The following selection of blogs showcase a variety of opinions, styles and backgrounds which we feel really encompass the true contrasts that exist in parenting. The idea that no one is perfect but we’re all in this adventure together. Posts range from the humorous to practical to properly raw and relatable and truly show the many facets of being a parent and raising children in the 21st century. While we hope to continue to highlight blogs we’re reading as a monthly installment, this month we’re focusing on mummy blogs by selecting a few that we have been reading at the moment!


Brummy Mummy of 2

Twitter: @brummymummyof2



Emma, her 2 children and husband live in Birmingham where she works part time as a secondary school teacher. She was recently awarded UK Blog of the Year at the 2016 MAD Blog Awards, among others. She has been featured in various publications – on and offline – and writes everything from reviews and recent news to her weekly “Wicked Wednesdays” posts where she highlights pictures of “real” parenting (ie: unfiltered, funny and relatable photos of her daily life with the kids).




Twitter: @themumzilla



Mumzilla, aka Sarah, is a single child parent making the transition from fiercely independent working mum to a stay at home one. She blogs about food (not always for children…*cough* Gin & Tonic Loaf Cake) and takes a very tongue in cheek attitude to the wild world of parenting. She knows it’s not all sunshine and rainbows and understands that, while we want our precious wee ones to be safe and happy, that it’s also important for us mums out there to take care of ourselves as well!



What the Redhead Said

Twitter: @genuineplacebo



In What the Redhead Said, the primary redhead, Donna, discusses family live in regards to her two kids and husband. She documents everything from days out and parenting/children’s milestones, to recipes and reviews. She’s also ⅓ of the team from Eat Your Heart Out, a collaborative food blog! She tackles a lot of topics such as bullying, natural beauty and managing money – all things we could all use a bit of advice on when it comes to our kids. 



The Single Swan

Twitter: @thesingleswan



The Single Swan, written by “Pen” (the word for a female swan) is all about her journey as a newly single mother of her young son after her separation from her partner. It covers an area of parenting not always touched on in parenting blogs – co-parenting, dating, relationships, and simply raising a child on on your own. Her posts can be serious or funny, depending on the subject matter, but always interesting and relatable (regardless of your marital status).


What do you think of our list? Have you got any suggestions you think we should consider? We’d love to hear about them


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About the author: Olivia

Olivia is 29 years old and a proud mum of 2 year old twin boys, Liam and Eli. She lives with her fiance, Ben, in Clapham. She works part time as a dental assistant, while Ben is a Software Developer. Living in London can be tough sometimes with 2 very active boys but with a bit of planning and budgeting, it's amazing how much you can do!

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