It might be hard to believe but the summer holidays are almost here. At PreciousLittleOne, we know that it can sometimes be hard to think of ideas for days out and activities for your little ones that are not only budget-friendly, but that are suitable for all weathers too.

In our Mum’s Q&A blog, we help to answer your most frequently asked baby and pregnancy questions, while offering some friendly advice and helpful tips. In our latest blog post, we take a look at some of the best ways to keep your kids entertained during the school holidays. Why not read on to get some inspiration?

How to keep kids entertained during 6-week school holidays?

It may feel like a bit of a challenge, but it’s a lot easier to keep the kids entertained during 6-week school holidays than you may think – and it doesn’t have to break the bank either!


Days Out

Fancy getting out and about this summer? Here are our top picks for budget-friendly days out:

Visit your local council or tourist information centre’s website, or scan local noticeboards and newspapers to find out what’s going on where you live. Think story-time events at your local library or a craft event at your community centre as a starting point!

Did you know that local council swimming pools often offer free or reduced-fee entrance in the school holidays? The perfect activity for a wet and wild afternoon!

If you’re looking to spark your child’s creativity, remember that museums and galleries often have special new exhibitions and events during the summer that are perfect for young minds.

Worried that a day out with your baby could be a bit difficult from a travel point of view? A travel system like the Kinderkraft Moov Travel System is a great way to help you get out and about with your little one more easily. Not only is it manoeuvrable, but it is also comfortable and adapted to different weather conditions too!

For more family-friendly ideas for days out, make sure you check out our previous blog post on Child Friendly Attractions UK & Ireland.


Activities At Home

Looking for some things to do at home? If the weather’s bad or you just fancy a day indoors, here are some great ways to keep your little ones occupied:

A movie day is the perfect wet-weather activity. All you need is a couple of their favourite films and a bag of popcorn!

Everyone loves cakes, so why not put on that apron and get baking? Pick your child’s favourite recipe and have a go at making it together, before you enjoy eating your efforts afterwards!

Children love nothing more than playing dress up, so why not get out some of your old clothes and let their imagination run wild?


Go Wild

If you like the idea of getting your child outside and playing in the fresh air, here are some suggestions that we’re sure they’ll love:

Make your own a treasure hunt around your garden or a local park by hiding treats and getting your child to find them by solving clues

Who needs to go to a campsite when you can arrange a night under the stars in your own garden? If you’ve got a tent, it’s the perfect excuse to toast some marshmallows for a bedtime with a difference!

Let your child grow their own flowers, herbs or vegetables that grows quickly like cress. All you need to do is find a small patch in your garden or grab a flower pot and let them grow some seeds – we’re sure they’ll love seeing the results!

Remember, it’s not vital to fill up every moment of your child’s day with activities – after all, they have wonderful imaginations, so let them have some time to explore it on their own! If you’re looking for some ways to give their creativity a nudge without spending a fortune, one of these Playtime products would be perfect! From activity books to toys, there’s bound to be something that they’ll enjoy entertaining themselves with!


We hope that our latest blog has helped to answer your questions and offered some great suggestions for helping to keep your kids entertained this summer. Remember, you can find anything you need for your little one and your summer adventures in the PreciousLittleOne shop – why not have a browse?


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