Your little one has spent their first years developing their motor skills, like walking or talking, but now it’s all about developing how they think. Most 2-4 year olds are like sponges and soak up all the information they can, so using engaging games and toys is a fantastic way to encourage your child to grow.


What’s the best way to play with my child?

This period of your baby’s life is all about their imagination, their understanding of important concepts (like counting, or colours) and their social development. Teaching your little one to share their toys, for example, will instil positive values as they grow up.

As well as the mental development taking place, they’ll also continue to develop skills like hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and balance.

You’ll find that toddlers love repetition too. This is because it helps them learn new words and take in more information each time. So try to be patient when they want you to read the same book to them night after night!


What type of toys are best?

Want to help your kid burn off some energy and improve their balance at the same time? A balance bike is perfect for getting them active. Check out the colourful design of the Kiddimoto Hero Superbike.

Remember to keep your little one safe, with our range of bike safety accessories too. Once they are three years old, you could also get them a scooter like this one from Kiddimoto U-Zoom Scooter – it’s a kid’s favourite way to get around these days!

Encourage their little imaginations to grow and get creative with the Hape Magnetic All in 1 Easel. With a black board on one side, and a white board on the other, the creative possibilities are endless.

Perfect for mini artists!

Nurture a love of reading with the LeapFrog series of educational books. Make book time interactive with the Read With Me Violet or Scout toy dog, which asks questions and teaches kids about rhyming, narrative and concepts. It’s one clever pup.

Future budding chefs will adore their very own kitchen, complete with equipment to produce delicious meal after meal. Teach your little one about cooking, nutrition and how to be an excellent host!

Take a look at the Smart 360 Kitchen for inspiration.


How can I make sure playtime is safe?

While playtime for your 2-4 year old has to be fun, it also must be safe. Keep safety at the forefront of your mind and make sure you buy toys suitable for your child’s age. Check that their play area is free from potential hazards like loose wires, and anything that could result in a trip or fall.

Little kids can be a tad clumsy, so if they’re riding their bike or scooter, make sure they’re kitted out with the full safety gear.

You can even get little clip-on lights for scooters to make them highly visible.

By keeping your little one safe, you can make sure playtimes are as fun and educational as they can be. Enjoy every moment!



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  1. I love this feature! In this weather I need to try harder to get my 2.5 year old outside so this has given me plenty to try!

    We have a balance bike in the garage I’ve been meaning to pull out, we shall start there!!

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