During the first few months of your little one’s life, they’ll be taking in so much of the world around them. They’ll learn about their surroundings, as well as how to move, communicate and socialise, taking cues from the most important in the world to them – you! Interacting with your newborn baby through play can stimulate their senses and help them develop from day one.

How can I play with my newborn?

Newborn babies typically have three settings: asleep, drowsy or active. As the months go by, you’ll notice the time where they are active grows longer and they will be drowsy less. These windows of alertness are the best times to play with your newborn. Watch out for clues they are feeling alert, such as them being quiet but attentive and interested in their surroundings.

At this age, babies are most receptive to touch and sound-based games and toys. They will also benefit from tummy time, where you encourage them to move and wriggle around, as this builds muscle strength and develops motor skills.

The interaction they get from you whilst they play is hugely important. The tone of your voice and your smile will help them relax and enjoy playtime.


What newborn toys can I buy?

Toys that make a noise, like a rattle or musical toy, or textured toys are particularly good at newborn stage.

The adorable Silver Cloud Made With Love Bunny Rattle ticks both those boxes, as it makes a gentle chime sound and has a variety of different textures for little fingers to explore.

When your baby starts teething – usually around 3 months – you can pick up a Bright Starts Naturals Teether Set for playtime that also soothes sore gums.


What about playtime equipment?

Your baby’s field of vision is only around 8-10 inches from their face, So a playmat with plush toys that dangle overhead can keep them content for hours.

Check out the Mamas & Papas My 1st Playmat & Gym which has light up toys and rattles which are guaranteed to keep them intrigued! This playmat is also perfect for tummy time.

A playnest, like this one from Galt Toys, is an ideal investment as it can adapt to your growing baby. Suitable from birth, it cradles your newborn, then when they are a little older it turns into a padded seating area.


How can I make sure playtime is safe for my newborn?

We only sell products which have passed rigorous safety tests to make sure they are safe for your little one. So you can be confident you’re buying the best possible toys and equipment from us.

There are a couple of other safety aspects to take into account when it’s playtime with your newborn. Firstly, never leave your baby unattended. Try not to be distracted by the front door or your mobile phone, your baby needs your complete focus while they play. Secondly, only buy products which are appropriate for your child’s age. You can find age suitability by using our product filters.

Enjoy playtime with your newborn – these are memories you’ll always cherish!



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