Now your baby has reached six months of age, be prepared for them to get a lot more interactive… and vocal! Your little one will start to explore the world around them by putting objects into their mouth, so toys designed to withstand gnawing are ideal.

Your baby’s social development will also be well underway. They’ll be learning to read your facial expressions and understand tone of voice, so interaction is a key element of playtime with your 6-12 month old.

Your little one’s muscle development and coordination will also continue to grow at this age. At this stage, babies become more active physically and tend to roll around and many can even sit up themselves.


What’s the best way to play with my 6-12 month old?

There are plenty of ways to keep your baby entertained and help them learn at the same time. Playing with a ball can improve your baby’s coordination, for example. Peekaboo is a much-loved classic at this stage too and is guaranteed to send your little one into fits of laughter.


What toys should I buy for my little one?

Now your baby is a little older, you’ll find books are your best friend – the more colourful the better! Nurture a love of reading from a young age, with a fun finger puppet book like the classics The Snowman and the Snowdog or The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

You could also tell stories with glove puppets, like this one from East Coast, which is just fabulous for storytelling games.

You’ll start to notice your baby becomes fascinated with their own reflection. This Galt Toys Smiley Sun Mirror was designed by one of the UK’s leading parent experts to help children play and learn the concept of a self.

Remember, bathtime is another excellent opportunity to have some serious fun too! Grab a Bathtime Lamaze Wash n Play Yo Ho Horace bath mitt and toy to keep them entertained while getting them squeaky clean.

Check out our bathtime guides for even more inspiration.


Do I need any playtime equipment?

Using the Mamas & Papas My 1st Sit & Play Infant Positioner creates a comfortable seat and makes sure playtime is fun and relaxing for you and your baby. It provides back support for your baby and comes with a detachable play panel.


 What safety steps should I bear in mind for playtime?

Since babies at 6-12 months are highly likely to put random things into their mouths, you should always be vigilant and identify any potential choking hazards. As always, never leave your baby alone for even a short period of time, and minimise distractions when playing with your little one.

Having regular playtime with your baby is one of the best ways you can bond, and you’ll love watching your little one laugh.



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