Where on earth does the time go? It probably seems like only yesterday you were putting the finishing touches to your nursery and wondering when your little bundle of joy might make an appearance. Nowadays, running around after an excitable child can certainly keep your hands full!

As children grow, it’s inevitable their nursery will need an update now and then too. In their early years, your little one will love having a space to call their own. Here is our guide packed full of nursery ideas and baby essentials for your 2-4 year old.


I’m looking for nursery decor inspiration

Make your nursery comfortable. Invest in a fun and luxuriously soft rug, like this one by Kit for Kids. It’s so cosy underfoot and perfect for playing on with all their toys.

Keep toys tidy with our nifty storage ideas. We love this toy hammock for keeping all those cuddly toys tucked away but still visible. And importantly, it reduces the tripping hazard for everyone who comes and goes in the nursery.

Toy Box

You could also keep toys tidy with a toy box that doubles up as a seat, like the Tutti Bambini 3 Bears Toy Box. Shelves are also excellent for space-saving and can help you control which toys your toddler can reach by themselves.


When should I buy a toddler bed?

A big girl or boy’s bed is always going to win favour with a little person who wants to be grown up. The Mamas & Papas Mia Toddler Bed can transition from a cot to an infant bed whenever the time is right. Don’t forget to get a mattress that’s built to last too, like this pocket sprung mattress.

Cot/Toddler Bed

We recommend that you check out our blog post on bedtime routines and invest in a Bebelephant Lulla Doll. This magical little invention is loved by parents for it’s sleep inducing qualities. It mimics a real heartbeat and breathing sounds, plus it absorbs your smell, so your little one will always feel safe and secure. It’s machine washable, plus it won the Best Baby Comforter in the Loved By Parents Awards 2017.


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