With the clocks recently ‘Springing’ forward over the weekend, we thought it would be a good time to talk about a product, that once experienced you will wonder how you did without it!

Until young children learn to read an actual clock face, you may find that their getting up time is as soon as their little eyes open. If its light out, it must be getting up to play time right?

This is where the Gro-Clock (from Grobag) comes in.


Whilst it is essentially still a clock with the time digitally displayed, what makes it so unique is the large colourful LCD screen that will display a blue face with stars on when its time to sleep and orange sun face when it is time to ‘wake up’. Whilst in ‘night mode’, there are 12 little stars around the points of the clock face that help the child count down to when the sun is coming up – so even if they do wake up, they can see how many stars they have to sleep through before it is morning.

By training your little ones that they stay in bed until the face turns orange, you can begin to regain some control back in their sleeping habits (and yours!).

To assist with this process, the Gro-Clock also comes with a cute little storybook which you can read to your children before they go to sleep. The story is based around a pig who is always grumpy as he is tired due to waking up too early every day. But once he learns he can have more energy and fun by sleeping in until the clock shows him it’s time to wake, then he decides to get all his sleep every day.

The time it takes for the story to really sink in can vary from child to child. We have had friends whose little ones got it on the first night and others (such as our little girl) who took around a week to begin to follow the clock – but we can confidently say, it really does seem to work!

So if you are losing more than your hour this Spring Time, then why not give the Gro-Clock a try?

For more information on the Gro-Clock, check out our store listing page by clicking here.

About the author: Paul Boreham

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