While Halloween isn’t as big in the UK as it is in other parts of the world, the fun and excitement of dressing up and going trick or treating has definitely taken hold of this generation! Who doesn’t love a bit of a dress up, anyways! With costumes being so expensive, we thought we’d provide some great alternatives for a range of different skill-sets. Instagram is a great place to derive some inspiration and we’ve put together a few of our favourites just for you!



Easy DIY Cardboard Emoji Costume

Emoji’s are everywhere! You can’t send a message or post on social media these days without using them, so when I saw these cool emoji Halloween costumes by hello, Wonderful I couldn’t help but love them. There are so many possibilities, they are so simple to make and they’re great if you have more than one child!


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Feel the Need…For Speed!

Check out this amazing Top Gun inspired costume! If you are a movie lover like myself, then this is one for you. A bit more work to put in by the looks of things but there’s no doubt your child will be the coolest Maverick on the block.



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When this baby hits 88mph….

Personally, I am partial to a mother/child costume combo and with Back to the Future being one of my favourite films I may just have to steal Casey Yaeger’s out of this universe idea! A great use for any old cardboard boxes and how much fun would it be to dress up like the wild Dr. Brown? This one might take a bit more than basic skill but clearly the results are worth it.



DIY Dustin from ‘Stranger Things’

Did you get caught up in all the ‘Stranger Things’ madness of this past Summer? The Netflix series was a huge hit and part of it’s charm was the lovable and adorable character Dustin. While scrolling through Instagram I came across this costume idea by Leah, one half of the blog Love & Lion and thought it was such a cool, simple and relevant costume idea. The costume itself is quite simple, just a few select pieces of clothing – which they can continue to wear long past Halloween!


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Duct Tape Skeleton

This is probably the easiest costume on the list but also the most traditional! When I was a kid, my mum was all about the DIY costumes and duct tape was definitely a useful tool (and great for making costumes reflective in the dark). Kersey from kid’s craft blog And We Play has come up with this brilliant and time effective duct tape skeleton costume and all you need is a roll of white tape and a completely black outfit! It’s easy, effective and great for a last minute Halloween party!


Egg-cellent Fried Egg

Are your kids fed up of going as witches, zombies and mummies for Halloween? Why not try something unexpected but egg-cellent! This quirky fried egg costume from My Poppet Makes caught my eye as it is something a bit different and yet so simple. An oversized jumper and a piece of yellow fabric or felt is all you need for this cracking costume idea!


Where do you get your costume inspiration from? Do you have a go-to idea that always works? We’d love to hear (and see) them! Tag us on Instagram with the #preciouslittlehalloween tag and let us know!


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