One of the most difficult – and important – pieces of equipment to choose for your child is the device you will transport them in. With so many varieties of not only designs but styles of chairs out there, it can be pretty hard to make a decision. Below, we hope to help you out with this choice and ensure you find the chair most suited to you and your lifestyle. We’ll take you through the 4 most common styles – Pushchairs, Prams, Buggies/Strollers and Travel Systems, rate them on their Value for Money, Age Suitability, Versatility and Portability and go into a bit more detail as to which lifestyle suits them most.





Pushchairs are one of the more versatile styles of chairs available as they have the ability to grow with your child. They generally have seats that can adjust to lie down for newborns and recline slightly once your little one grows and becomes stronger (usually around 3+ months). Pushchairs are great for getting about town or country for more active mums but also fold down if you need to catch a bus or pop them in the boot from time to time.



Prams are a very classic lightweight style, best suited for newborns. They allow your child to lie flat comfortably and, while they don’t fold down like pushchairs, most baskets can be removed from the chassis and used as a moses basket/crib. Appropriate for city living, prams are comfortable for long walks with the baby on smooth terrain. They can be restricting, though, as once a child is able to sit up on their own, either a new pushchair or attachment may be necessary to support them.


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Buggies and Strollers are recommended for children who are a bit older and are strong enough to hold themselves up comfortably. Generally more common for toddlers, buggies are lightweight, portable and compact and are great to have on hand just in case your wee one needs a rest when out and about.


Travel Systems

Travel Systems tend to be the most versatile of the chairs due to their various attachments. Sometimes referred to as 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 travel systems, these chairs have the ability to attach carry cots and car seats for ease of movement of infants, especially if you’re a mom on the move. 3 in 1 systems include pushchair, carrycots and car seats, while 2 in 1 systems simply have the regular pushchair seat and a carrycot.


Things to note

• All pushchairs/car seats should have a 5 point harness to ensure your little one is secure and comfortable for any journey.
• Babies should not be left in car seats for more than 2 hours at the max, and most car seats in travel systems are only appropriate up to 10kg.
• 3 wheel pushchairs are best for active mums (joggers) as they are more balanced and can handle a rougher terrain with better suspension.
• Travel Systems/Pushchairs tend to have more storage space than buggies/prams.
• While most models come with basic sun shades/raincovers, accessories are available if you’ll be spending a lot of time out in the elements


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