Choosing a new pushchair for your baby is perhaps one of the most difficult decisions for a new parent. By six months old, your little bundle of joy is likely to have doubled in weight, so investing in a quality pushchair is essential for getting out and about.

Every baby is different, but there are two important factors to consider when shopping for a new pushchair: your lifestyle and the needs of your little one. Here’s a quick guide to help you find the ideal pushchair for your 6-12 month old…


Putting Baby First

First up, safety. Keeping your child safe is the number one priority, no matter what type of baby pushchair you’re looking to buy. We pride ourselves on stocking the highest quality pushchairs, and we only sell brands which place as much emphasis on safety as we do.

Take, for example, the Mother&Baby award winning Joie Litetrax 4-Wheel Stroller which includes a 5-point adjustable harness and padded bumper bar to keep you and baby smiling all around town.


Where Do You Like To Walk?

The next factor to bear in mind when perusing our selection of pushchairs, is where you are most likely to be using it. Do you tend to walk around your city/neighbour on concrete pavements? Or are you a little more wild at heart and love to explore the great outdoors?

For bumpy terrain choose a pushchair with excellent suspension, and even consider a three wheeler. For big adventures we love the Out n About Nipper Single 360 with its independent rear suspension and front swivel wheel.

How Do You Travel?

Are you most likely to get from A to B by foot, public transport or car? Your mode of transport is an important consideration when choosing your perfect pushchair.

If you travel often by car to visit Granny and Grandpa, then a travel system could make an excellent investment. A compact or umbrella fold stroller can be useful if you have a small boot or travel frequently by public transport.


How Much Storage Do You Need?

Let’s be honest, most parents tend to lug around a whole bunch of stuff for looking after their baby on the move. If you’re a parent who carries a big bag wherever you go, look for a stroller with storage space along the bottom, such as the BabyStyle Oyster 2 Mirror Stroller.


Is Style Important Too?

Ok, so we’ll admit it: looks are important too. If you’re in search of a pushchair with stylish curves, look no further than our iCandy range. The iCandy Peach Stroller in Royal boasts a chic colour palette and modern feel, combined with a range of practical features.


Additional Features

Once you’ve got the basics covered, you may want to consider some additional features too. Think about every aspect of your lifestyle and decide if you’re going to need a footmuff, reversible seat, or raincover.


Establish Your Pushchair Budget

When making an investment purchase you want to last, conducting research is really important. Establishing what your budget is (and how long you intend that investment to last) will help you to choose the right pushchair. Read reviews, check out parenting blogs and speak to other parents to learn if the products and brands they have bought into have met their needs and expectations. Or why not sort our pushchairs by price to find the perfect one for your budget. Happy shopping!


Compare all types of pushchair easily with our buying guide.



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