As your toddler transforms into a preschooler, you may be looking for the ideal pushchair to upgrade to suit their needs. Now they’ve reached 2 years old, they’re probably busy walking around and exploring the world. However, for long days out, travelling certain distances or exploring busy places with lots of stimuli – a good pushchair can be exactly what you need to keep you and your little one happy.


Make Them Comfortable

Comfort is a key factor to consider for all ages, but an uncomfortable 2-4 year old will quickly kick up a fuss! Good suspension and a padded seat can work wonders across any type of terrain. The Baby Jogger City Elite range is excellent for preschool age children.


Keep It Compact

Since you may not be using your new pushchair every single day, you’ll want to pick one with a good folding mechanism that can be easily stored. The Quinny Zapp pushchair conveniently folds away, and is the perfect size for popping in a cupboard until you need it.


Opt For Big Tires

Now your child is no longer a baby, you’ll be pushing around some extra weight. The best way to deal with this is to pick a pushchair with large tires. We love the big, chunky wheels of the Hauck Viper SLX Stroller.



Choose One For Big Boys and Girls

Not every 3 year old wants to be carted around in a buggy. In fact, even though you know they’ll get tired and need a sit down, you’ll probably have a battle on your hands if they want to be seen as a big girl or boy now. The trick here is to pick a buggy that looks more like a chair for them to sit in. Sounds simple – but it actually works! Try out the OBaby Atlas Stroller for size.


Check The Maximum Weight

An important safety consideration when shopping for a pushchair for your 2-4 year old, is the maximum weight allowance. We all know every child is unique, and some can be much bigger for their age. So always pay attention to the upper weight limit before you make a purchase.


Pick Reclining For Snooze Time

A reclining buggy is a great place for your little one to catch those all-important zzz’s. There’s nothing like a power nap on the way home to brighten their mood. Try the Jane Crosswalk Pushchair which has a multi-level reclining backrest.



Use a Board Seat

If your preschooler has a younger sibling, you could look into getting them a board seat, like this one from Buggypod. A clip on board seat is ideal if you don’t want a full pushchair for your toddler, but rather something for them to sit on when they get tired. Simply click it onto the back of your younger child’s pushchair. Plus it’s lots of fun for your little one!


Establish Your Pushchair Budget

When making an investment purchase you want to last, conducting research is really important. Establishing what your budget is (and how long you intend that investment to last) will help you to choose the right pushchair. Read reviews, check out parenting blogs and speak to other parents to learn if the products and brands they have bought into have met their needs and expectations. Or why not sort our pushchairs by price to find the perfect one for your budget. Happy shopping!


Compare all types of pushchair easily with our buying guide.



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