Now your little bundle of joy is turning into a big bundle of joy, it’s time to invest in a pushchair that fulfils all your growing needs. As you move into the toddler phase, it’s important to consider what features are most important to you and your little one when choosing a pushchair.

Here are a few tips to help you decide…


Make It Lightweight

If you thought pushing a stroller around before was hard work, wait until you hit the 12 months old mark! As your baby grows, you’re going to either need to build some serious arm muscles or opt for a lightweight pushchair.

The Joie Pact Lite Stroller weighs only 5.5kg and can conveniently fold down into something you can carry with just one hand.


Deal With Wrigglers

If you’ve got a wriggly toddler on your hands, the best thing you can do to keep them safe and secure is choose a pushchair with an adjustable harness. A good harness will stop your little one trying to escape and also help them feel secure. Choose one with adjustable straps so it can adapt as your baby grows.


Go For Easy-Fold

Anyone with a full-of-beans toddler will tell you – whatever makes your life easier is worth the investment! Choose from forward fold or umbrella fold pushchairs.

Umbrella fold pushchairs fold away at the flick of a switch, just like an umbrella, and are ideal for quickly getting off and on public transport. A forward folding pushchair lets you fold it in half and then carry it around like a suitcase, just like the Hauck Shopper Neo II.


Choose Wipe Clean

Toddlers have so much energy and enthusiasm for life, it’s inevitable they’re going to make a little mess… ok, a lot of mess! By opting for a wipe-clean design, you’re giving yourself one less thing to worry about.

If you’re looking for a practical and stylish design, take a peek at celeb mummy, Billie Faiers’ wipe-clean line of pushchairs.


Pick Forward-Facing

A rear-facing buggy may have been important to you when your little one was a baby, but now your growing child is likely to be fascinated by the world around them. Choosing a forward-facing pushchair gives you plenty of options to keep them entertained and many opportunities for chatting about all the new sights and sounds they’re experiencing.


Keep Your Baby Safe

While practical features and stylish design are important, we know safety is one of your top priorities when choosing a brand new pushchair. Look for the EN number when shopping for a pushchair, which guarantees it meets the European Standards for safety. Remember to look for features such as brakes, locking devices, harnesses and check the maximum weight limit is suitable for you.


Establish Your Pushchair Budget

When making an investment purchase you want to last, conducting research is really important. Establishing what your budget is (and how long you intend that investment to last) will help you to choose the right pushchair. Read reviews, check out parenting blogs and speak to other parents to learn if the products and brands they have bought into have met their needs and expectations. Or why not sort our pushchairs by price to find the perfect one for your budget. Happy shopping!


Compare all types of pushchair easily with our buying guide.



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