If you’re expecting, chances are you’ve probably heard about Moses baskets. They’re a popular choice for new parents and offer a practical place for your newborn to sleep.


What is a Moses basket?

Moses baskets tend to be made from palm or wicker so they are nice and sturdy. A Moses basket is just like a portable, lightweight version of a cot where your baby can sleep. While not an essential for new parents, a Moses basket does offer a convenient place for your baby to snooze, wherever you are.


Why choose a Moses basket?

There are many benefits of using a Moses basket, which explains why they are such a popular choice for new parents! Let’s look at some of the main benefits:

  • Lightweight – with everything else you need for your new baby, having a lightweight Moses basket makes carrying everything around just that little bit easier.
  • Small – a Moses basket is particularly good if you’re pushed for space, plus the smaller size helps babies feel more comfortable and secure falling asleep.
  • Portable – the beauty of a Moses basket is you can place it in any room of the house. During the early stages you might want your baby in your bedroom close to you, which is easy with a Moses basket. Likewise if you’re heading on holiday or for a trip to granny and grandpa’s it’s easy to take it with you.
  • Comfortable – since most Moses baskets are made from wicker or palm, air is able to flow through the sides, so your baby won’t get too hot.

Different types of Moses basket

If you’re thinking of buying a Moses basket, it’s important to know about the different variations and what your options are.

First of all, you can choose between either palm or wicker Moses baskets. Clair de Lune offers a glorious range of both palm and wicker Moses baskets, which have become a big hit with new parents. The main difference between the two materials is how flexible their sides are. A palm one, like this Moses basket from Clair de Lune, has softer sides than one made from wicker, such as this wicker Moses basket.

Most Moses baskets come in a range of colours, and that includes the colour of the palm or wicker base, so you can find something perfect to complement the colour scheme of your baby’s bedroom.

You can also get a stand for your Moses basket to raise the basket off the floor. Check out this Clair de Lune folding Moses basket stand which fits in perfectly with their range of baskets, or you could opt for a rocking stand to gently rock your baby to sleep.

A slight variation on the Moses basket, is the Noah pod. This is an updated version of the Moses basket, with high sides and a slightly more modern shape. Take a look at this beautiful white Noah pod from Clair de Lune.

How safe is a Moses basket?

Well-made Moses baskets are perfectly safe for your little one. They should come with sturdy handles which meet in the middle and a good, supportive mattress. Make sure when carrying the basket you always have one hand underneath supporting your baby.

Choose a Moses basket with washable covers and dressings, and look for the British Standard safety number BS EN 1466:2014.

How long can a baby sleep in a Moses basket?

Moses baskets are ideal for newborns. Many parents ask themselves when to stop using a Moses basket – and the answer is once your baby can pull themselves up. Since every child is different this can vary, but tends to be after 3-4 months.

Explore our range of Moses baskets and get somewhere portable and safe for your little one to rest.



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