Toilet training usually kicks off between 18-30 months, although – as with everything else to do with our precious little ones – each child is different. It’s important to be patient and consistent with your potty training and not to show frustration when accidents occur (and they will!).


To ease your potty training journey, we’ve compiled a checklist of everything you’ll need to help your little one get to grips with going to the loo. These are your potty training essentials…

1. A potty

First up, you’re going to need a potty, of course. Potties are relatively inexpensive and simple objects, like this Bambino Mio Mio Potty.

You can pick up some disposable potty liners for use when travelling and you don’t have anywhere to wash the potty out.


2. A training seat

Once your little one has mastered the potty, you’ll want to move them on to a toilet training seat that fits onto your actual loo.

You can also get disposable seat protectors, which are great for keeping little hands germ free when you’re out and about. For safety reasons, you should never leave your child alone when they are using a toilet training seat.


3. A toilet trainer

This one is for the boys only – a toilet trainer to teach them to do their number ones whilst standing up.

The Tippitoes Boys Toilet Trainer clips onto your own toilet seat and has a hinged arm so you can simply tip and flush after use.


4. A step stool

To help your child reach the toilet seat, you’ll also need a step stool.

We love how this Winnie the Pooh stool makes trips to the toilet so exciting!


5. Potty training pants

Once you switch from nappies, we’d recommend you use potty training pants. Choose from disposable or washable potty training pants, also called pull-ups.

Training pants, like these Bambino Mio Training Pants, give kids a sense of ownership and independence over their toilet routine. Plus they are waterproof and machine washable… just in case there are any accidents.


6. Waterproof bed sheet

Most children learn to use the toilet during the day before they master using it at night too. It’s not uncommon for some children to have little accidents at night before they’ve mastered night time toilet training. For this transitional phase, a waterproof bed sheet can save a whole lot of hassle.

This waterproof bed sheet from Clippasafe will protect the mattress and is easy to remove quickly to avoid too much embarrassment.


7. Consistency and patience

Ok, so unfortunately we don’t sell these. But the NHS has a fantastic guide on potty training that should help a little. The most important part of successful potty training is a positive attitude and encouragement when your child succeeds.


Good luck with your potty training adventures!



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