With the Easter Holiday just around the corner, parents with little ones’ at nurseries and schools everywhere will be eyeing the two week break with a mixture of excitement and trepidation as thoughts turn to surviving the fortnight with activities to fill each day!

A staple of any school break is the trip to the local Zoo. Pick the nicest looking day, book the tickets, pack a lunch (and a backpack full of extra snacks) and head off for a day of animal gazing and buggy pushing – don’t worry, it will be over before you know it!

Thankfully here at PreciousLittleOne, we have everything you need to ensure your expedition goes off without a hitch. We had a little get together in the office and have come up with the ultimate list of survival items to get you through a Zoo trip, no matter the ages of who are accompanying you;

For the very little ones;

For the older little ones;

Of course, a Zoo trip is just one way to fill a half-term day and not everyone has the ability to get to their local Zoo. So here are a few other ideas that you may find useful if you are struggling for ideas;

Easter Egg Hunt – using toy or chocolate eggs (as long as its not too hot out!), send your little ones to find their bounty in the garden or around the house.

Making Easter Cakes – We aren’t cookery experts by any means, but if our memories go back to our school home economics classes, we remember melting squares of chocolate and mixing in rice crispies or cornflakes. Put the gooey mixture into paper cases and top off with a mini-egg or smarties and leave in the fridge for a couple of hours for some yummy cakes.

Nature Trail – Its Spring and the perfect season to be taking enquiring minds out on a Nature Walk. There are lots of official walks and paths around your local park and woods, but it can be just as fun to make your own adventures – make a checklist of things for the children to find before you leave!

Useful Links;

Find a Zoo near you and start planning today!

If you want some help planning your Zoo trip, here is a handy list of tips you can try

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