Keeping on top of your child’s car seat can be a minefield! As our little one was turning to 4, she was starting to complain every now and again about being uncomfortable in her 2nd stage seat, mainly the lack of give in the 4 point safety buckle was cutting into either her legs or tummy. But that aside, I think the main issue is our ‘baby’ was now a “real grown up” (according to her!) and wanted to have a bit of freedom of movement in the back of the car to reach her toys/drink/iPad depending on her mood.

There are hundreds of choices of seat at all stages and stepping up to the Group 2/3 range is no different. We’ve always found the best thing to do when looking for new baby products is to ask around. Lots of our friends have children the same age or older, so taking a wide range of opinions from people you trust is key.

For our budget, the majority of people recommended the Cybex Solution M-Fix Highback Booster Seat. We informed a very excited 4 year old that she was upgrading to a nice new seat and she could barely contain her excitement when the delivery was made.

Taking the seat out of the box, it was surprisingly light and easy to assemble, with a a separate back and seat piece. Our last seat was a non Iso-Fix seat, but since buying that one we now had a new car that included Iso-Fix, which made fitting an absolute doddle (this seat doesnt require Iso-Fix and can be used with just a seat belt). Whilst not a new technology, Iso-Fix has been a real revelation for us and makes moving the seat around between cars a painless experience.

The seat is very comfortable according to its new occupier and she loves the additional space it gives her. The seat has a side impact protection feature which is nice – you can easily activate it for either side, depending which side you place the seat. Finally, a feature I think we all love, is the reclining headrest, which makes those long journeys slightly less “are we there yet” and more “Zzzzzzz”.

For more information on the Cybex Solution M-Fix ISOFix Car Seat, please click here.

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