Three is an exciting age to be! It’s a time when you really start to develop as a person, and you may have noticed your little one’s unique personality shining through.

With the festive season just around the corner, you might already have started to think of ideas of Christmas presents for three-year-olds. Well, at this age, it’s a great idea to focus on toys that will encourage creative play. As children have a longer attention span at three years old than ever before, they can focus for longer periods on games which require them to use their imaginations.

Building relationships at this age is also crucial to your little one’s development, so any toys or games that encourage social interaction and peer-to-peer play will go down well.

We’ve chosen a few of our favourite Christmas presents for three-year-old boys and girls this year, including everything from their biggest present ‘from Santa’, to stocking fillers that will put a smile on their face on Christmas morning.

Kinderkraft Space Balance Bike

Your little one’s third Christmas is the perfect time to get them their very first bike! Balance bikes are the perfect introduction to cycling for little ones, and teach them how to balance without the need for stabilisers.


Galt First Sticker Pictures

This sticker book is the perfect stocking filler for your tot, as it’s an affordable price, and the stickers are reusable, meaning your child can maximise the fun. They’ll love using their imagination to come up with stories as they add stickers to the themed backgrounds, perfect for quiet play time.


Bigjigs Doctors Kit

This ten piece play set is perfect for encouraging hours of creative fun, and it’s the perfect toy for peer-to-peer play. Your little doctor can use the reflex hammer, thermometer, stethoscope and other essential medical items to diagnose their patients, and prescribe their care.


Cuddles Collection Dolls Moses Basket

This adorable Moses basket is an ideal Christmas present for three year old girls who want to take care of their teddy bears or dolls. It’ll encourage creative play, and is sure to provide hours of fun.


Casdon Flymo Lawn Mower

If your little one likes to help you out with the gardening, then they’ll love this replica of the Flymo Lawn Mower. They’ll be able to help you cut the grass with this realistic toy which clicks as they push it along. It’s great for encouraging creative play and will encourage them to get outside for playtime.


Le Toy Van Bunny and Guinea Pig

If your three year old is desperate for a pet, this cute set is the perfect introduction to taking care of animals. They can show you they have what it takes to look after their bunny rabbit and guinea pig whilst learning about the essentials of animal care.


Le Toy Van Tractor Trails

The perfect Christmas present for any three year old boy, this quality set is the perfect stocking filler to keep them entertained on Christmas morning.


Le Toy Van Space Rocket

Let your little one’s imagination and creativatiy lift off into space with these chunky painted wooden rockets. Coming in at over 16 cm and featuring three colour designs, these toys encourage social and language development. The perfect Christmas present for space fans!


Casdon Mr Kipling Cake Stand

Who doesn’t love Mr Kipling’s exceedingly good cakes? Your PreciousLittleOne will love this seriously cute tea set and cake stand with a range of tasty baked goods to choose from, including favourites Battenberg, Cherry Bakewell and French Fancies. This set is great for shape matching, and it’s bound to inspire hours of creative fun.


Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers

Why not turn bathtime into a learning experience? These soft shapes are the perfect way to introduce your little one to letters and numbers, and as the shapes get wet, they’ll stick to bathroom tiles so they can spell out their name or learn how to count to 10 whilst splashing around.


Christmas Gifts for 3 Year Olds

Three-year-olds are full of curiosity and love to explore their imaginations with creative play and hours of make-believe fun. Christmas is an exciting time for them, with plenty of opportunities to let their imaginations run wild. They’re bound to love anything they find under the tree this year, but if we haven’t listed the perfect Christmas present for your three-year-old before, then check out the rest of our range online at our Christmas shop today.


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