Your favourite tiny human is growing up! Gone are the days when they would lie still for the majority of the day. Gone are the days where you could leave them in a room and they’d still be there five minutes later. Now, you’ve got your own personal little hurricane following you around!

It’s amazing how much little ones can develop in a few short months, and by the time they reach the big milestone of one year old, your little one is becoming increasingly independent. They may be toddling around on their own, or they may be on all fours, but one thing’s for sure – they love to explore the world around them!

Babies are curious at this age, and it’s a great idea to focus on Christmas gifts for your one-year-old that will stimulate their mind and encourage development. Toys that help them develop cognitive and fine motor skills are a perfect choice, as are bright colours, shapes and noises to keep them entertained.


Best Christmas Gifts for 1 Year Olds

We’ve picked out a range of Christmas ideas for one-year-olds, ranging from stocking fillers to bigger gifts. They’ve all been selected to suit your growing tot, and they’re sure to provide hours of fun for the whole year ahead.

Mamas & Papas Rocking Horse

This beautiful pink rocking horse would make a perfect Christmas present for a one-year-old girl, and is sure to be a favourite toy for years to come. It’ll stimulate your little one’s imagination and encourage imaginative play, as well as encouraging their motor skills.


Mega Bloks Big Building Bag

At this age, your little one is discovering how building blocks fit together, so this mega set of 60 blocks is a great gift for encouraging the development of their motor skills. They’ll love building towers again and again, and the chunky blocks are perfect for little hands to grasp.


Galt Toys Pop-Up Toy

Sometimes the simplest toys become your little one’s favourites. We bet that’ll be the case with this cute pop-up peg game, which is designed to encourage hand-eye coordination, and will stimulate their colour awareness as well.


Tommee Tippee Active Insulated Straw Cup

As your little one becomes more active, they need more fluids to keep their energy levels up. This cup is a great way to encourage independent drinking, and the straw flips down to keep their clothes safe from any spills once they’ve finished drinking – the perfect Christmas gift for any messy one-year-old boys or girls.


Kinderkraft MilyPlay Playgym

Stimulate their senses and encourage play with this colourful play gym from Kinderkraft. It comes with five different toys to stimulate their senses, including a mirror, rattle and rustling book. It also comes with thirty balls, to turn the play gym into a ball pit for endless fun.


Galt Toys Building Beakers

Nesting beakers are a classic toy. Picking up items and putting them in place helps to teach little ones how to grasp and release, and it’ll help with their hand-eye coordination as well. This colourful set from Galt is the perfect stocking filler for a one year old, providing just as much in fun as it does in developmental progress.


Little Bird Told Me Scottie Dog Push Along

Any one-year-old would be delighted with this push along toy as their main Christmas present. The adorable Scottie dog will become their new best friend, and pushing it along will help stabilise them as they venture into the world of walking. What’s more, there’s even room for them to hitch a ride and sit on the dog’s back!


Munchkin Undersea Submarine Explorer Bath Toy

Bathtime will become your little one’s new favourite time of the day with this fun bath toy. The bright yellow submarine creates air bubbles when submerged underwater, and they’ll love the spinning propeller. But it’s not all fun and games – this toy also teaches them about cause and effect, and will help to tune their fine motor skills.


Mam Heat Sensitive Feeding Spoons & Cover

This practical present will help your little one to learn how to feed themselves, with soft rubber grips that are gentle for baby. These spoons will help to keep them safe as well, as they change colour if the food is too hot.


Little Tikes 4-in-1 Sports Edition Trike

This trike is a great choice of Christmas gift for your one year old, as it grows and develops as they do, with four stages to match their development as they learn how to ride it independently.


Christmas Ideas for 1 Year Old

Hopefully, we’ve given you some food for thought when it comes to buying Christmas gifts for your one-year-old. From smart stocking fillers to big presents, we’ve got it all at PreciousLittleThing. Browse for more ideas and inspiration over at our Christmas Shop today.


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