Back in August we ran a competition to celebrate the launch of our blog in which we teamed up with Chicco to give away an amazing Lullago Crib worth £100!



The lucky winner was Laura Woodward who after 5 years of going through fertility treatments was expecting twins with her husband Neil in November. We found Laura’s story inspiring and a testament to hope and persistence, therefore it made it easy for us to award her with the prize!

We are happy to report that Laura gave birth to Amelie and Thomas on the 11th of November! After a week in hospital the twins are now home and enjoying the crib.



Here is what Laura has to say about the crib:

“I cannot express how useful the Chico Lullago crib we won through you has been! We co-slept the twins together in hospital and the fact the Chicco crib is slightly wider and bigger than normal cribs means we have been able to sleep them together at home. Also as it’s so light we have been able to have the crib in the lounge during the day so we can put them down for naps, which is great!

I would definitely recommend the crib to other mums or twin mums. One friend I have who is pregnant with twins is going to buy the crib for hers when they arrive.”



Interested in purchasing one for yourself? Then head over to PreciousLittleOne. Hurry, we currently only have 2 in stock!


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About the author: Pam

Pam is a 36 year old events manager from Cambridge. Married to her husband, David, for 7 years, they have 2 beautiful children (Max - 3 and Abigail - 18 months) with one more bundle on the way! With such a busy life, Pam likes to keep herself grounded by attending weekly yoga classes and getting out of town whether it be to the countryside or abroad.

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