Deciding on a pushchair is one of the most difficult choices a pregnant woman has to face. With their prestigious status, surely celebrities have the opportunity to choose from the very best pushchairs and prams, the crème de la crèmes of strollers. We have found a lot of familiar faces choose Silver Cross when it comes to keeping their little ones safe and comfortable on-the-go.

All mothers want to give their precious little ones the best start in life, and that’s precisely the promise that Silver Cross makes to mummies around the world, famous or unknown. To introduce you to the Silver Cross universe and offer you some guidance and inspiration, we will show you the A-list’s favourite Silver Cross prams and pushchairs. Continue reading to find out who’s pushing what!


Officially the Royal Pram

Silver Cross has been associated with royalty for more than a century. As the royal family’s pram of choice, Silver Cross has carried the Queen herself, her children, grandchildren and even her great-grandchildren.

In the first picture, we can see Queen Elizabeth II pushed in a Silver Cross pram, followed by the Queen Mother and King George V. In the second picture, a baby Prince Edward is sitting up in his Silver Cross pram, surrounded by Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Phillip, and his brothers and sisters.


Silver Cross Sleepover

The most recent royal generation has also been carried around in a Silver Cross model but Kate Middleton, as a practical mummy, has chosen the modern Sleepover range.

The Sleepover Pram and Pushchair is a versatile travel system, with an easy-fold chassis, and a luxurious mattress and deeply padded liner, for an ultra comfortable carrycot and seat unit.

Buy the Silver Cross Sleepover here!


Geri Halliwell: Ginger Spice and Everything Nice

Monty, Geri Halliwell’s bundle of joy, travels only in the Silver Cross most stylish ranges. The former Spice Girl has been spotted ferrying her cute baby in two different Silver Cross prams: the fantastic Silver Cross Balmoral and the phenomenal Silver Cross Surf: Aston Martin Edition.

Silver Cross Balmoral

You will find the Balmoral multiple times in this list, as celebrities cannot stay away from this luxurious and vintage-looking pram. Still traditionally crafted by hand in Yorkshire, the Silver Cross Balmoral can be easily recognised by its gorgeous shape and soft colours.

If you choose this pram, you can expect beautiful detailing and a smooth ride, while the deeply padded mattress keeps your little one safe and comfortable. Ginger Spice has picked the classic white and navy – explore the rest of the colourful Silver Cross Balmoral range here.


Silver Cross Surf: Aston Martin Edition

What happens when two iconic British brands collaborate to create the ultimate pushchair? A 600-piece limited edition that combines the design, engineering, craftsmanship and luxury characteristic from both Silver Cross and Aston Martin.

The exquisitely handmade pram system features 4-wheel air-ride suspension for the smoothest of rides, a fully reclining seat and a 100% sheepskin liner.

However, if your pushchair budget does not stretch to £3,000, we suggest you explore the rest of the Silver Cross Surf range to benefit from all the technical qualities of this pram minus the intimidating price tag.


Sam Faiers: The Only Way is… Silver Cross

The former, The Only Way is Essex, cast member has demonstrated that her fashion sense goes far beyond her outfits as it is clear it has expanded to her pushchair choices.

The TV personality has been found to proudly carry her little ones, Rosie and Paul, in two different Silver Cross models – the classic Silver Cross Balmoral, already making its second appearance in this list, and the Silver Cross Surf.


Silver Cross Surf

The Silver Cross Surf is an award-winning pushchair, considered by many as the complete package. With a lightweight chassis and trekking wheels, you can take your newborn in any adventure. With the traditional Silver Cross contemporary and luxurious styling, the Surf also includes a newborn carrycot and a seat unit, so you can easily convert it from pram to pushchair as your baby grows.

Sam has chosen the Silver Cross Surf in Sand, a beautiful cream colour, but the range includes other classic and bold colours – check the complete Silver Cross Surf range here!


Nicky Hilton: Silver Cross Wave

From luxury hotels and resorts to luxury pushchairs and prams, Nicky Hilton sure seems to surround herself with award-winning services and products. The Hilton Hotel Empire heir was photographed out and about on the streets of New York with a Silver Cross Wave, a complete travel system that can easily be transformed from a single to a double pushchair, perfect for twins or siblings.

With an impressive list of awards and accomplishments, the Wave has recently won the gold award for the Best Multiple, Twin or Tandem Pushchair of 2018, by Mother & Baby. Included in the Wave is a carry cot and a seat unit, which can be assembled simultaneously and interchangeably, making up to 16 flexible configurations. A perfect stylish solution to transport your little one in comfort while fully secured and protected. Browse the complete Silver Cross Wave range here!


Katie Price: Silver Cross Kensington

As a well-known model & tv personality, Katie Price had to choose a bold pram to transport little Bunny around, one that will surely cause some head turning. Her pushchair of choice was the bright red Silver Cross Kensington. With a similar vintage vibe and classic British design as the Balmoral, the Silver Cross Kensington can be distinguished by its detachable body and fold-down chassis, increasing its practicality.

The deeply padded mattress will keep any newborn peacefully comfortable and safe, while the all-round suspension and beautiful detailing will make any parent happy. Explore the Silver Cross Kensington range here!


Heidi Range: Silver Cross Pioneer

The former Sugababes singer was spotted enjoying a family stroll with a Silver Cross Pioneer and we are certain she had the smoothest of rides.

The Pioneer Pram and Pushchair is robust and meant for exploration, featuring a lightweight chassis and puncture-free tyres, designed to handle multi terrains. With a gorgeous and smart design, the seat unit and the carrycot can be reclined in a multitude of positions and can be mounted forward- or parent-facing.

If your little one is as much of an explorer as baby Aurelia, find the Silver Cross Pioneer range here!


Jennifer Lopez and Lily Allen: All About the Balmoral

We told you celebrities could not stay away from the Balmoral pram. We don’t know if it is the gorgeous shape, the luxurious detailing, the classic look and feel, or a combination of all of it, the Silver Cross Balmoral is the favourite pram for a lot of stars, including Jennifer Lopez and Lily Allen. Get your hands on a Silver Cross Balmoral here!


Classic or modern shape? Bold or muted colours? Three or four wheels? Single or double? No matter what pram or pushchair you are looking for, there will be a Silver Cross range perfect for you – discover it today!


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