The first Saturday of October marks the annual “International Frugal Fun Day”. This year, it also falls on the 1st of the month and, in the spirit of all things Autumn, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite free activities that you can do with your family! Out of love of DIY (for fun) and budgeting (for necessity), many of these activities can be done with supplies found around the house, or simply by going outside. 


Make Your Own Bubbles

Bubbles are probably the easiest, cheapest and most enthralling activities for kids – no matter their age or time of year and it’s perfect for a sunny, autumnal day! Make your own bubble wands out of pipe cleaners, wire clothes hangers, or even plastic bottles for additional indoor crafting fun if the weather isn’t ideal.



Go for a leaf crunchingly fun walk

One of my favourite parts about living in Edinburgh is all the green space within the city limits. This means there are more trees which means more leaves to crunch as the seasons change! Not just for older kids, I love to take Charlotte out in her buggy for a wander in the Autumn sunshine on the many paths and parks in the city and to breathe in newly chilled air. If your children are a bit older and you have a back garden, rake up the leaves and let them go mad or see how many leaves they can crunch while out for a walk!


DIY Cardboard Dress Up

While Halloween isn’t celebrated as crazily as it may be in North America, there’s no denying that kids love a good dress up. Let them get extra creative by giving them a blank slate with a cardboard box and various decorating supplies (paint, glue, etc). It’s a great way to reuse any old boxes you may have and it allows everyone to get a bit creative.  Check out some great ideas here!

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Discover and Learn

The UK has a never ending choice of museums and galleries, no matter what you or your children may be into. Luckily, we’re also blessed to have access to so many free places! Check out this post from the Guardian for the Top 20 Free UK  Museums and Galleries for families! They’ve found spots all over the country (including my favourite – the National Museum of Scotland) and covers everything from natural history to trains to cars. Most of these choices also have interactive exhibits just for kids so the whole family can get involved and maybe even learn something!


Search for Hidden Treasure!

Treasure and scavenger hunts used to be one of my favourite things to do when I was a kid and I can’t wait to start creating them for Charlotte when she gets older. They can be as elaborate as you’d like and are a great idea for indoor or outdoor activity, especially with friends.



Do you have any go-to free activities to stay busy on weekends? Autumn-themed or not, we’d love to hear them!

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Lucy is our youngest regular contributor at 24 and has recently welcomed her first child, Charlotte, only 3 months ago. As a single mum living in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh, she's a huge fan of photography, cycling, and all things DIY - when she has time, of course.