Award winning blog All About U was set up by mum of two Rebecca as a way of keeping in touch with her family after moving to London from Yorkshire in 2009. Now, she uses the space to offer advice and tips on home décor and crafts – not to mention the lovely recipe she shares!


Reasons we love this blog:

All About U is not your typical parenting blog as it offers so much more than just parenting advice. Rebecca classes her blog as a ‘Family Lifestyle blog’, including ways to keep your kids (and yourself) happy and healthy, through recipes and health tips. We also love to read about her travels with her little ones and product reviews are always most helpful.



Q: What made you decide to begin All About U?

A: It started off as a way to keep in touch with family and friends, as I moved down to London from living in Yorkshire. Then after getting married and having children, it has just grown and evolved from there. I’m happy that I have it now as a way to document all that we do as a family.


Q: What tips and advice would you give to other mums (and dads!) looking to start a parenting blog?

A: To start with, my advice would be to think about what you want get out of it. Is it a way of having an online journal, a way to make money, or a way to become a famous parenting expert, for example? Then you know what you are aiming for. Social media is really important too.


Q: What’s been your most popular topic of 2016 so far?

A: So far this year, other than competitions, my top posts have been about a ‘glamping’ trip we went on and then my tips for visiting Disneyland Paris. So family travel is always a popular topic.


Q: What’s your top tip for expectant first-time mums?

A: It would be to tear up the birth plan! I think if you have too many expectations of how things will go, and then they don’t happen, you can get a bit upset or annoyed with yourself. I have had two c-sections and they were never the plan. But my babies arrived safe and healthy and that is all that matters.



About Rebecca:

Rebecca is mum-of-two living in Surrey. A writer and parent blogger who enjoys travel, family days out, baking and the gym.

All About U





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About the author: Lucy

Lucy is our youngest regular contributor at 24 and has recently welcomed her first child, Charlotte, only 3 months ago. As a single mum living in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh, she's a huge fan of photography, cycling, and all things DIY - when she has time, of course.

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