January is Baby Bathtime Safety Month and we’re getting involved by helping to raise awareness of safe bathing practices. Bathtime safety is very important, with approximately 13 children under the age of 5 drowning in the UK every year – with 1 in 4 of them being bathtub related. Luckily, with advances in safety procedures and products, bathtime is considerably safer than ever before. Below is a list of equipment and products important to a safe bathtime routine.



prod_000000_bm4-mini-bath-white-green Mini Bath

This mini bath is designed specifically for newborn and parental comfort with a non-slip mat and arm rests to keep movement to a minimum. A foam headrest means baby will be able to lie back comfortably and there is enough space for mum or dad to cradle baby efficiently. A mini bath is perfect for top-tailing as baby is not fully submerged. A drain and plug makes emptying the tub much easier as well.

prod_1466589169_sleep_easy_wash Cleanser

It’s important when you’re choosing a cleanser for your baby that you pick one that is natural and free of perfumes, alcohol and other drying/allergen ingredients. We prefer to use one that is made from certified organic ingredients like Aleva Naturals Sleep Easy Hair and Body Wash. It’s dual purpose for hair and body, and also contains oatmeal extract and aloe vera juice to calm eczema prone or dry skin. It also contains lavender to ease sleep.



prod_1431682857_bath_room_therm_blue_1 Room/Bath Thermometer

This adorable blue guy takes not only the water temperature but the room temperature as well. Keeping the two temperatures from being drastically different will prevent discomfort between hot and cold. Water temp should be around 37°C (body temp) with the room around 27°C. This thermometer, called “Ray” floats on the surface of the water and becomes a fun bath toy too. It includes a high temp warning as well to prevent scalding.


prod_000000_pastel_booster_arrow Safety 1st Swivel Bath Seat

By the time your baby is 6 months, they are possibly able to sit up unaided for an amount of time. This means upgrading your baby bath to the full tub is possible if you have the right equipment. This swivel bath is perfect as it not only allows baby to sit up comfortably with an ergonomic back, there is a wee ball toy to keep them distracted as you get all the hard to reach places. It’s also built so they cannot squeeze out of it, allowing you to use both hands to get them cleaned up! The swivel function is fun for them, and useful for you to get them into the right position.


prod_1458662497_froggymatchange Bath Mat

Non-slip mats are important for children and adults of all ages, as it helps prevent injuries while getting in and out of the tub. When bath products like soap and shampoo collect at the bottom of a tub, it can produce a very unsafe and slippery environment which is where a non-slip mat comes in handy. Lay it down before filling up the bath and simply pull off and hang to dry when you’re done! This mat from Fisher Price even checks the temperature and the little blue fish shows the words “Too Hot” if the water is unsafe.


yellow-inflatable-safety-duck-tub1 Travel Bath

While this ducky isn’t just for travel, the fact that it blows up makes it perfect for baths on the go. For children who are old enough to sit up unaided (6-24mths), this safety bath includes a spot that changes colour depending on the temperature of the bath (too hot – white, just right – blue). The bath is also padded with a non-slip bottom for a great balance of comfort and safety.



Bathtime should be a calming and enjoyable experience for both parent and baby. Ensuring you have the safest equipment and products will allow you to look forward to this chance to spend time and bond with your baby every bathtime without worry or stress.


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