As a new parent, keeping your little one safe is sure to be at the forefront of your mind. It can be daunting to leave your child alone, even at night when you’re putting them down to sleep. Choosing the right bedding to keep your baby safe can give you some extra peace of mind, and make sure you and baby get a peaceful night’s sleep.

Here’s what to buy in preparation for your new arrival…

A Cot or Moses basket

First of all, your little one is going to need somewhere to sleep. A Moses basket is a portable, lightweight option made from breathable materials such as wicker or palm. You can combine your Moses basket with a stand, if you want to sleep with your baby at eye height by your bed. Moses baskets are ideal for use until your baby can pull themselves up. Clair de Lune offers a fantastic range of Moses baskets and stands, and are a popular brand with new parents.

On the other hand, a cot is less portable but you’ll be able to use for far longer. Cots come in an array of different shapes and sizes, and most have protective rails so your baby cannot fall out the sides.

Choosing between a Moses basket or a cot completely depends on your lifestyle. Some new parents opt to buy both so they have the option to move baby around when needed.


A Mattress

In addition to your cot or Moses basket, it’s important to invest in a high quality mattress for your baby to sleep on. New babies can’t have big bulky duvets or pillows, so the mattress is what will make their cot feel snuggly and inviting.

In most cases you’ll want to choose a mattress that’s compatible with your cot or Moses blanket. Make sure it fits well and there’s no gaps at the edges that your baby could accidentally roll into.

The safest type of mattress is firm, flat, and waterproof. Check out this non-allergic eco fibre Moses basket mattress, which is breathable and helps protect against dust mites. It also has a removable cover for ease of washing. Or for a crib, this washable mattress by Kit for Kids is ideal.

Bed Sheets

A top tip for any first time parent is – stock up on bed sheets! Leaky nappies do happen, and you’ll be relieved if you always have a fresh, clean bed sheet on hand.

Fitted bed sheets are the best option for a newborn, because they won’t detach themselves from the mattress if your little one wriggles around. Take a look at these fitted sheets from Clair de Lune which are made from 100% cotton and are machine washable. You’ll also need a light sheet to put over your baby while they sleep.


Sleeping bags and blankets

We all know how nice it is to get all cosy in bed. But it’s important to remember not to overheat your baby, especially when they are newborn. Keep an eye on the temperature in the room where your baby sleeps and aim for between 16-20°C (a room thermometer can certainly come in handy!).

Between 0-6 months of age, a sleeping bag can help your little one feel snug all night long. We love this adorable counting sheep sleeping bag from Silver Cloud. Alternatively, a blanket can be a nice addition to keep your baby warm. We simply adore the texture of this Clair de Lune blanket in marshmallow blue.

Remember not to put toys in the cot or Moses basket either, as this can increase the temperature in there.


These are just some ideas for keeping your little one safe while they snooze. Browse our full range of bedding and sleep accessories and turn your nursery into a peaceful place for slumber.



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