Despite the popularity of our online shop, a lot of our customers may not know about our physical store in Grantham. However, this is a very important aspect of our business, and supporting the local community has quickly become one of our priorities.

We want to increase our involvement with the local community and presence with our local customers. Especially, as there are no other retailers within some 20 miles. But, most importantly, we want to make sure we are giving back to the people in Grantham.

In order to accomplish this, we decided to partner with a like-minded local organisation, and we are proud to announce we are the official sponsor of Barrowby Football Club!

About Barrowby FC

Barrowby FC Is an accredited club with a presence in Grantham, Nottingham and Lincoln based-leagues. It has teams from U6 to adults. Barrowby FC pride themselves in creating the perfect environment for the kids to be at the centre of all they do. By providing a fun and structured environment, tailored to suit the individual needs of all their kids, they bring “Football for All”. And, at the same time, they ensure the kids’ continued enjoyment, development and learning.


Why Barrowby Football Club?

The very nature of our business creates a link with future generations. Therefore, investing in an organisation that also supports youth development, diversity, and provides strong links with the community seemed like the best course of action.

In difficult times, sports teams like Barrowby FC have given kids a much-needed sense of belonging and stability. It teaches them important and valuable life skills, whilst keeping them busy, fit, and entertained. It’s fulfilling to be a part of that, and to help give the local kids the structure that they might not get at home.

Moreover, due to the current economic uncertainty, it became more apparent how unknown the future of charitable and volunteer-run organisations will be. It was important for us to act as fast as possible, so that the club could get on with organising what is sure to be a very challenging upcoming period of time.

A key element for us was to not just sponsor the club, but to have a meaningful investment into the future prospects of the club. Also, we wanted to allow the volunteers to concentrate their time on the fun footballing aspects of the club, rather than the commercial.

We are extremely keen for our arrangement with PreciousLittleOne to be an active relationship, which stretches more than simply providing financial support.

Lee Coulson, Barrowby FC Chair


How will our support help?

In the most transactional sense, PreciousLittleOne’s support will allow the club to secure kit and equipment. The financial support will also guarante the on-going maintenance and improvements of the pitch. Moreover, as the single club sponsor, we are also helping the club to develop a club identity. By providing a consistent kit for all of the team and across all age groups, the partnership will improve the club’s recognisability, within the club and to those on the outside.

Barrowby FC Jersey Mockup with PreciousLittleOne's sponsor

As a secure funding source, PreciousLittleOne has given Barrowby FC a stability unbeknownst to the club. They are used to living season to season, and providing only the basic kit and equipment. Now, the coaches don’t need to worry about sourcing or agreeing deals with individual sponsors. Instead, the club can work towards long-term goals and projects.

With PreciousLittleOne’s expertise, support and extended network, the club will also be able to improve their wider marketing, communication and website needs. Ultimately, this will help the club to attract and retain players, by portraying the club as a credible organisation. All of these efforts will assist the club in becoming the benchmark standard for grassroots football.

So here’s to a successful and lasting partnership, may we achieve (and score) plenty of goals together!

About the author: Frances Bishop

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