One of the things we worry about the most when it comes to having a newborn is safety. With so much advice out there on topics like sleeping, bathtime, room temperature and using a changing table, it is easy to get confused. My daughter is 20 months old, and as a mother who has Epilepsy, safety was something that we really had to think about. For us, certain tasks like bathtime and changing time took a little bit more planning, so I thought I would share my top tips for keeping you, and your little one safe in those early days.


With a newborn, it is a good idea to just use cotton wool and water to clean your baby. Newborns do not need to bathe every day, and as they are so small, a simple top to tail bath is fine. This means you can use a cloth, or cotton wool to give them a wash, starting at the top with their face and working your way down their body.

baby in bath

When you are ready to progress to a bath, it can be a great idea to use a baby bath. I found that this gave me better control, and it was easier to keep the bath at a perfect temperature. A great way to make sure you have the correct temperature is to use a bath thermometer. If you don’t have a thermometer, use your wrist or elbow to check.

TOP SAFETY TIP – For extra safety, use a baby bath on the floor as opposed to a higher surface.

Getting Dry and Dressed

baby getting dressed
If you decide to use a changing table during the early days, make sure that you do not leave your baby unattended, even for a few seconds. It doesn’t take long for an accident to happen, and you don’t want your baby falling from a height.

TOP SAFETY TIP – If you are worried about using a changing table, then using a changing mat on the floor is a safer option.

When it comes to dressing your little one for bed, it is important to check the temperature of the room first. You don’t want to over/underdress your little bundle of joy, so make sure to check some clothing guides to see what your little one should be wearing.

A great way to keep them warm is to use a baby sleeping bag. These come in different togs so can be used in the summer and winter.

Preparing the Cot

baby sleeping

It is important that you leave the cot free of hazards when you have a newborn. They do not need items such as cuddly toys in their cot with them. It is also important that you place your baby on their back to sleep. These are both important to help prevent SIDS.

When it comes to bedding, your baby doesn’t need to use a pillow and duvet. Sleepsuits with built in mittens help to keep them warm, and help prevent them scratching their face whilst they sleep. They do not need to wear a hat whilst they are sleeping, as this can make them overheat.

TOP SAFETY TIP – If you are not using sleeping bags, Instead of using thick blankets, use cellular blankets as they are more breathable and safer to use.

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These are my top tips for keeping your little one safe at bedtime. You can read more about my own experience on parenting on my blog – A Mundane Life, or come and say Hello on Twitter!

Sarah is 29 years old and the proud mother of Elise, born in November 2015 6 weeks early. She lives with her husband Steffan, daughter and greyhound in Leicestershire. She is a work at home mum, spending her time blogging, vlogging and designing graphics for other people’s blogs. Sarah writes about life as a mother with chronic illness and being Hard of Hearing.

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My name is Sarah and I run A Mundane Life, a family and lifestyle blog which also raises awareness of epilepsy and chronic illness.

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